Transportation » Student/Parent-Guardian Responsibility

Student/Parent-Guardian Responsibility

Student Responsibilities

  • Be at the bus stop at least five minutes before pick up time.
  • Always sit down and buckle seat belt (when available).
  • Listen to the driver, aide or monitor.
  • No eating or drinking inside the school bus.
  • No fighting, no smoking, and talk quietly.
  • No abusive language.
  • No pets, toys, or distracting objects on the school bus.
  • Respect the rights of the other students, drivers, aides and monitors.

Parent-Guardian Responsibilities

  • Assist the school by submitting accurate and timely information to your child’s school.
  • Submit correct information on the Student Emergency Care Card. Incorrect and untimely information may delay the onset of transportation services.
  • Inform the school administrator, bus driver, or attendant of any medical condition or behavior which might affect the student’s safety or health on the bus.
  • Assure that, when applicable, an authorized person will be at the bus stop on time when the child is dropped off. Provide the school with the enclosed form to release your student unattended when appropriate.
  • Make sure your child is fully clothed, toileted, and ready at the bus stop five minutes before pickup time. Due to your child’s needs, it may be necessary to accompany your child to the designated pick up or from the drop off point. The bus driver is not required to wait and cannot blow the horn for a tardy student, as this creates late pick-up times for other students.
  • If your child misses the bus, the driver cannot come back. Transport your child to school as quickly as possible and notify the school of any problems.
  • Teach your child the school bus safety rules and appropriate bus-riding behavior.
  • Maintain and return--in good working condition--all equipment issued by FCPS for transporting your child.