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Transportation is responsible for developing student bus routes and schedules.

Please note that posted bus routes and pick-up and drop-off times are approximate. Please remember that traffic, weather and other unforeseen circumstances may cause some routes to be early or delayed. It is recommended that parents and students arrive at their bus stops at least ten (10) minutes prior to the published times.

It is our district’s practice that kindergarteners – 2nd grade will not be let off the bus unless the student’s parent (or designated adult) is at the bus stop at the time of student drop-off. Kindergarteners – 2nd graders whose parent is not at the bus stop will be returned to the student’s elementary school where the parent (or emergency contact) will be called for student pick-up. It is strongly encouraged to have a parent (or designated adult) meet all elementary students at the bus stop at the time of student drop-off.


It is the mission of Cranston Public School Transportation Department to provide all students with safe, efficient, and effective transportation to and from school.

The Cranston Public School Transportation Department considers it a privilege and honor to be entrusted to transport the students of our communities to school. It is our goal to have the safest, most productive, and efficient, school bus delivery system ever.


Transporting more than 7,000 students each school day more than 1,000,000 annual miles, our drivers and support personnel are highly trained, motivated, and very experienced. We are dedicated to providing transportation services to all eligible students. Remember, the school bus has been proven beyond question to be the safest mode of ground transportation available for our students.


I challenge you to assist us in attaining our goal by having your students at our bus stops on time each day and ready to learn. The Cranston Public School Transportation Department is pleased to serve you and your students. Together, we can drive success into our classrooms and assure the brightest future possible for our students.