MONDAY,  APRIL 8, 2024




                                                 IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWED BY PUBLIC MEETING 



  1. Call to order – 6:00 p.m. Convene to Executive Session pursuant to RI General Laws –

  1. RIGL 42-46-5 (a)(1) Personnel
  • Non Certified Layoffs 

  1. RIGL 42-46-5 (a)(2) Litigation
                A. Legal advice regarding budget appropriation and capital projects

  1. Adjourn Executive Session

  1. Call to Order  - Public Meeting 

  1. Roll Call - Quorum

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting -  March 4, 2024,  March 13, 2024,  April 1, 2024

  1. Committee Reports  
  • School Buildings Committee-Domenic Fusco - Nothing to report
  • Recreation Committee- Frank Ritz- Next Meeting, May 1, 2024
  • Cranston Educational Advisory Board(CEAB)- Keith Catone- Nothing to report
  • Cranston Special Education Advisory Council- Buddy Croft- Nothing to report
  • Rhode Island Association of School Committees-Domenic Fusco- Annual Meeting, May 4, 2024
  • Wellness Committee- Kristen Haroian- Nothing to report
  • Legislative Liaison- Anthony Melillo- Special election school bond June 4, 2024

  1.   Superintendent’s Communication- Updates, commendations, events

  1.   Chairperson’s Communication

  1.   School Committee Communication

  1. Public Comments
  • Students (Agenda/Non-Agenda Matters)
  • Members of the Public (Agenda Matters Only)


Resolution No. 24-04-01                                  Discussion and vote on non-certified layoffs.

Resolution No. 24-04-02     Discuss and vote on home school applications.

Resolution No. 24-04-03 Be it resolved, that the Memorandum of Agreement 

(MOA) between the City of Cranston and Cranston Public Schools for the purpose of advance payment 

of "Cranston Public Schools RIDE Stage 2 - 2024" expenditures be approved.

Resolution No. 24-04-04 Whereas, the following Cranston High School East student musicians were inducted into the 2024 Tri-M Music Honor Society.

Whereas, to qualify for this honor, you must be a junior or senior who received an A or above in a music ensemble in 2022-2023 school year; and

Whereas, you are currently enrolled and maintaining an A or above average in at least one music ensemble in the 2023-2024 school year.

Whereas, Tri-M is the only nationally recognized music honor society for high school musicians. The students being recognized tonight have been selected based on musicianship, academics, leadership, character, and service to the music department.

Emmett Billings, Yeimi Vaquerano, Rachel Castillo, Alexis Kelshaw, Eston Fowler, Alexa Kasper, Aaliyah Furtado, Lia Jimenez, Alexia Josephson, Kenneth Huynh, Aubree Josephson, Amber Goodinson, Jeremiah Martinez, Liam DeRosa, Katherine Garcia Mendez, Hamza Al-Tarazi, Lucius Torsiello, Kenneth Santos, Olivia Tomaselli, Madison Tolentino

Be it RESOLVED, that the Cranston School Committee wishes to recognize and congratulate these students for their induction into the 2024 Tri-M Music Honor Society.

Be it further RESOLVED, that these students be presented with a copy of this Resolution signed by the members of the Cranston School Committee.

Resolution No. 24-04-05 Whereas the following Cranston student musicians auditioned for and were selected to perform in the 2024 Rhode Island Music Educators Association All-State Ensembles on March 24, 2024 at The Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Providence, Rhode Island; 

Junior All-State Musicians (Grades 7-9) :  Leah Newbury - WHMS; Jasmine Keang - CHSW; Ja’ziah Vigay - WHMS; Mariska Balasco - CHSW; Lillian Peter - East; Zoe Banach - East; Hendrix Vega - Western Hills; Ryan Golditch - West; Olivia Sloane - East; Audrey Dayrit - CHSW; Mariana Trombetti - WHMS; Sophia Dunphy - WHMS; Goldly Sok - CHSW; Matthew Greene - CHSW; Harrison Fisher - CHSE;

Senior All-State Musicians (Grades 10-12):  Amy Zhang - CHSW; Emily Marchetti - CHSW; Kenneth Santos - CHSE; Alexa Kasper - CHSE; Lucas Arsenault - CHSW; Daniela Vazquez - CHSE; Celina Cheng - CHSW; Emily Destinee St. Louis, CHSE; Alexis Kelshaw - CHSE; Evan Lei - CHSW; Yeimi Vaquerano - CHSE; Eriksen Lee - CHSW; Lia Jimenez - CHSE; Sylis Sorrentino - CHSE; Geneva Lindsay - CHSW; Madalyn Rodriguez - CHSW; Payton Mays - CHSW; Jonathan McDowell - CHSW; Michael Nunez - CHSW;

Further Whereas, the following students ranked number one in the State on their instrument: Eriksen Lee - Snare Drum and Marimba; Michael Nunez - Euphonium; Geneva Lindsay - Soprano;

Be it RESOLVED, that the Cranston School Committee wishes to recognize and congratulate these students for their selection to, and performance in the 2024 Rhode Island Music Educators Association All-State Ensembles;

Be it RESOLVED, that the committee also wishes to recognize the hard work and dedication of their sponsoring music teachers; Greg Arsenault; Emily Johnson; Arthur Montanaro, Nancy Richardson and Raymond Votolato;

Be it further RESOLVED, that these students and their teachers be presented with a copy of this Resolution signed by the members of the Cranston School Committee.

Resolution No. 24-04-06 Whereas, on February 2, 2024, Cranston City Crossing Guard, 

Mrs. Shelley Fusco and Hugh B. Bain Middle School, Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Amy Falcone assisted and

comforted a Cranston high school student;

Whereas, while walking to school the student was approached by a stranger;

Whereas, the Cranston student approached Mrs. Fusco requesting assistance;

Whereas, Mrs. Fusco immediately brought the student into Hugh B. Bain Middle School and while contacting police; Mrs. Falcone sat with and comforted the student.

Let it be Resolved, that the Cranston School Committee along with the Administration of Cranston Public Schools thank Mrs. Fusco and Mrs. Falcone not only for their immediate action but also for their kindness and consolation.

Be it further Resolved, that Mrs. Fusco and Mrs. Falcone be thanked, recognized and presented with a copy of this resolution.

  1. Public Hearing on Non-Agenda Items 

  1. Announcement of Future Meetings - May 6, 2024, Work Session, Briggs/ May 13, 2024, Public Meeting, C. East


  1. Adjournment


School Committee members who are unable to attend this meeting are asked to notify the Chairperson in advance. Interested persons and the public at large, upon advance notice, will be given a fair opportunity to be heard at said meeting on the items proposed on the agenda. Individuals requesting interpreter services for the hearing impaired must notify the Superintendent’s Office at 270-8170 72 hours in advance of the hearing date. Any changes in the agenda pursuant to RIGL 42-46-6(e) will be posted on the school district’s website at Cranston Public Schools’ administration building, 845 Park Ave., Cranston, RI; and Cranston City Hall, 869 Park Ave., Cranston, RI and will be electronically filed with the Secretary of State at least forty-eight hours (48) in advance of the meeting.

Notice Posted: April 4, 2024