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Algebra II

This challenging course is a continuation of Algebra 1 for students desiring or needing further understanding and skill in algebraic computation. Topics included in this course are extension of the law of exponents, factoring polynomials, solving linear and quadratic equations and systems in two and three unknowns, inequalities, simplification of rational expressions, functions (linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, rational, “families”), and sequences. Students will demonstrate their knowledge through course assignments that include written assessments, classroom demonstrations, and individual projects.


Length of Course: 1.0 Credit

PBGR: 1.0 Mathematics

Geometry and successful completion of Algebra 1

“Reveal Algebra 2”, 1st edition, McGraw Hill


Common Cores Standards for Mathematics Grades 9-12

High School: Number and Quantity

High School: Algebra

High School: Functions