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Algebra 1

This challenging course integrates the more “modern topics” with the usual algebra content and emphasizes understanding fundamental ideas together with the development of skills.  Among other activities, the student will recognize and use basic terms and symbols of algebra; recognize and apply the basic algebraic operations and simplifications including factoring; solve systems of linear sentences and apply them to the solution of real-world problems; and solve quadratic equations by factoring and by quadratic formula. Students will apply their knowledge through course assignments that include writing, demonstrating, and projects.
Length of Course: one semester for High School, Full Year for Middle School
PBGR: 1.0 Mathematics (HS only)
For High School Placement(at grade level): Successful completion of 8th-grade math and Star Math Score 40% +
For Middle School Placement(above grade level): Successful completion of Accelerated grade 7 and Star Math Score 75%+
“Reveal Algebra 1”, 1st edition, McGraw Hill