Social Studies » Modern United States History

Modern United States History

           Students will study the major turning points in American history from Imperialism through the present.  Students consider the major political, social, economic, and cultural issues with particular emphasis on the United States and its shifting role from an isolationist nation to a major world power.  Emphasis will also be placed on immigration, socioeconomic mobility, and gender/race issues. Moreover, this course will correlate with the five cognitive strategies of problem formation, research, interpretation, communication, and precision and accuracy, included within the framework of  the Common Core Standards and twenty first century skills. 
          Furthermore, the course meets the expectations of the strategic plan for the Cranston Public Schools, most notably in regard to developing a diverse community of learners who work collaboratively as critical thinkers, as well as empowering students to acquire the resourcefulness which prepares learners for life role performances in a world of constant change and continuous discovery.