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Cranston Public Schools Absence and Tardy Policy


Student Attendance Policy

Attendance is mandated by Rhode Island General Laws 16-19-1. Regular attendance is absolutely necessary for academic success, as it develops a sense of responsibility, which is indispensable for survival in the workplace.

Student Absences beyond Ten (10) Days

When a student has been absent for ten (10) consecutive school days, and the reason for the absence has not been reported, and the school has demonstrated a good faith effort to contact the student and his or her parents/guardians, the student may be dropped from the attendance rolls.

Absences and Tardies

Excused absences are for: illness or appointment confirmed by a doctor’s/dentist’s note within two (2) days of return to school; family bereavement; legal/court obligations confirmed by a note from the court; college or military appointments confirmed by documentation from agency.

Students are expected to be present in  all classes on time. Students who are late to classes will be consequenced by the teacher. Students who are chronically late (more than 4x per quarter)/(5) per trimester will be referred to the student’s building administrator.

Students, who are late to school must sign in at the tardy desk. Students will be allowed four (4) unexcused tardies to school each quarter/ (5) per trimester.  

All days tardy beyond four (4) per quarter (5) per trimester will result in disciplinary consequences unless excused with verifiable documentation (e.g. doctor’s/dentist’s note, legal obligation, family bereavement). All absence/tardy notes must be submitted no later than the day following the student’s return to school or the day following the tardy. Parents/guardians shall be notified of excessive tardies after the fourth tardy per quarter or the fifth tardy per trimester. 

On the fourth (4) or fifth (5) tardy, a conference with the building administrator will occur. Parents will be notified of the excessive tardies.  Detention will be assigned for all days tardy beyond four (4), (5) and up to eight (8).  All days tardy beyond eight (8) will result in social probation and/or additional disciplinary consequences.

Social probation will be imposed after the eighth (8) tardy in a marking period and/or 5 days of unexcused absences.  Social probation means the student will not be able to participate in any extracurricular activities or school-sponsored events after school hours; after school or on weekends. Such events shall include, but not be limited to, dances, proms or athletics, either as a participant or observer for the remainder of the term.

Teachers are not obligated to provide make-up assignments for the following: students who have “cut” class; student who miss a class by arriving late to school without a verifiable excuse (see criteria above).

Family vacations during school time are not considered excused absences; however,  students will be provided with the opportunity to make up work upon their return to school. Students will have the equivalent of time out of school to make up work (i.e.  three days out = three days to make up the work). School will not provide school work before the vacation.


Parents wishing to appeal an attendance-related decision made by the classroom teacher should follow the CPS appeal process. Refer to policy 5145. (i.e. written appeal in the following order: student’s assistant principal, principal, superintendent or designee, Cranston School Committee).


Policy Adopted: 3/13/17 (17-03-24) CRANSTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS