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Guided Pathways

Earning a Pathway Endorsement Council Designation: Student Requirements

To earn a Pathway Endorsement, students must successfully complete three components: (1) academic study; (2) work-based learning; and (3) application of skills demonstrated through the performance-based diploma assessment.

3 components of pathway endorsements

In Cranston,  students will apply through their guidance counselor, and then a Pathway program of study will be added to their Aspen account. Here you can see which required classes you have (and have yet) to take.  You will also need to complete a Work Based Learning project, which depending on the pathway may be an internship, a service-learning project, or school-based.  Finally, you will present your personalized learning experience through your portfolio presentation.


Students who complete of all the requirements -- coursework, work-based learning, and portfolio -- in a given guided pathway will earn a Diploma Endorsement in their given pathway.   Course requirements are listed below.   Students who choose a pathway should work with their guidance counselor to be certain that they are taking the appropriate coursework

STEM Pathway Endorsement