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Graduation Requirements

The communities within the Cranston High Schools seek to instill high expectations for all students in their academic, civic, and social endeavors and to provide them with opportunities to succeed in both higher education and the global marketplace. We remain committed to establishing clear, rigorous, and demanding standards and expectations that encompass all the necessary skills, which all students must demonstrate in order to succeed as responsible citizens of the 21st Century. These standards and expectations define the levels of achievement that we have for all of our students, and assist us in identifying effective learning strategies for delivering instruction and assessing students’ performance.

In order to accomplish our mission, the school communities have identified learning expectations for all students. These academic, civic, and social expectations specify what students must know and be able to do upon graduation. Our educational program is designed to engage students in active, collaborative learning that emphasizes communication, problem solving, research, reflection, and evaluation skills (cross-curricular proficiencies) as applied to real world concepts and practices. Further, we believe that an educational program that is academically challenging and student-centered will provide our young adults with a strong foundation for future successes.

The documents linked below outline the requirements for graduation from the High Schools in Cranston. Please take time to review this document carefully. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s guidance counselor. We want all of our students to have valuable learning experiences in our high schools, ensuring that every student will be a successful, productive member of society. 
Student Handbook - Class of 2021