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Email Instructions

Student e-mail account instructions

Welcome to the Cranston Public Schools Student e-mail domain. All students in grades k-12 have CPS
email accounts that will be imported into Aspen as primary email addresses. All accounts are active as
soon as the student logs into the account. Below is the naming convention that was used and
instructions on logging in for the first time.
• Enter the following into your web browser, or
go to the CPS Google Mail link on the home page
• Enter your username
  Usernames are as follows: firstname.lastname(last three of student id)

    John Smith with student id 123456   [email protected]
    John Smith with student id 123056   [email protected]

    John Smith Harris with student id 123456   [email protected]
    John Smith-Harris with student id 123456   [email protected]
    John O’Leary with student id 123456          [email protected]
• Enter your password
   Passwords are as follows: (full year of grad)(student id)
     Student graduating in 2020 with student id 123456 password: 2020123456
      You will be prompted to change password after successful login
• For problems with accounts please contact Donna-Marie Frappier, [email protected] 270-