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Over the years Technology Education has undergone tremendous changes.  In the past, teachers and students worked with tools and machines to “make things”, now they use tools and technology to problem solve and improve critical thinking. While have not completely abandoned our “make it and take it” philosophy, we definitely shifted the emphasis towards twenty-first century techniques and skills for students.

As Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Corporation stated in The Road Ahead
, “More than ever, an education that emphasizes general problem-solving skills will be important.  In a changing world, education is the best preparation for being able to adapt.” As established in the International Technology Education Association Standards for Technology Education, “Technology education programs strengthen students’ learning about the processes that apply to the design, development, and use of technological products and systems.  Students produce models and develop real technological products, systems, and environments.  They learn how to apply principles of engineering, architecture, industrial design, and computer science to gain a better understanding of technology".  These thoughts and principles are the foundation for the continued curriculum revisions the Technology Education Curriculum Committee have been making. We will continue to revise and add courses relative to advancements in technology and look forward to teaching a “cutting edge” curriculum as we advance through the 21st century.