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Middle School Physical Education and Health Department Philosophy

Physical Education curricula, as all curricula in the Cranston Public Schools, must demonstrate connections to the system wide Mission and Academic Expectations, Civic, and Social Expectations, as well as Goals of the Strategic Plan. In addition, middle school curricula must be connected to the middle schools’ Mission Statements and the academic and social expectations as stated in the current School Improvement Plans. 

The Physical Education department’s philosophy informs how this department strives to create a learning environment. The state’s Physical Education framework standards (GSE’s) inform the goals for each area of content (knowledge and skills) as can be seen in department curriculum maps. The department is moving toward greater use of performance assessments with use of district-wide CT’s with rubrics, while sustaining some of the traditional departmental assessments that provide connections across the curriculum. 

The development of curriculum is a process that involves and acknowledges the links between the mission and strategic goals of the school system and those of the schools and the department while the Rhode Island BEP drives curriculum design and delivery. Rhode Island Department of Education Regulations relative to student proficiencies drive our district's assessment system that provides multiple measures of students’ retention of knowledge and abilities to apply knowledge as well as develop skills informed by knowledge. 

The Cranston Public Schools Middle School Health Education Program adopted the philosophy of the RIDE Comprehensive Health Instructional Outcomes (Appendix C, revised 2003), as stated in the “Rhode Island Health Education Framework Health Literacy for All Students.”

This standards based, middle school curriculum is designed to help children begin and continue patterns of health related behaviors that will contribute to optimal personal, family and community health.