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Technology Resources for Teachers

Should the district need a Virtual Learning Day due to inclement weather, the button(s) below may assist in your preparation.  The brief presentation gives some tips on Google Meet updates and hopefully will make the day as seamless as possible. 
Google Updates by Peter Guyon
"Use TalkingPoints to inform families about student progress without worrying about language barriers. Send messages, photos, videos, and documents of daily classroom activities to promote positive learning experiences. Invite parents to volunteer or become involved in classroom activities with open communication. Take a poll to gain valuable information about event dates, conference times, or class parties. Make all families feel welcomed and valued by communicating effectively." - Common Sense Media
Cranston has paid for teachers and coaches to use TalkingPoints to communicate with parents and guardians.  
Unsure if a digital resource has been approved by Cranston Public Schools? Check the list on the left (Resources vetted...) or send an email to [email protected] for review.
Common Aspen Error Messages:
  • If you get the error message in Aspen "Google access in your desktop security preferences is required before you can view a Google Document" when trying to access any forms, go to Set Preferences by clicking on the down arrow next to your name at the top right of the screen in Aspen. Choose Set Preferences and then click on the Communication tab. Add your CPS Gmail in the field for Google Docs email, allow access and click OK.
  • If you get the following error when trying to access documents on an Aspen page
    "Follett Aspen has been disconnected from your Google Drive Account".  Please remove and then add access from Set Preferences-->Security Tab"
    Click the down arrow next to your name and choose Set Preferences.  Click the Communications (or Security) tab.  Next to Google Docs Access click Remove access, then click add Google Access and follow the prompts to add your CPS gmail.