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Resources for Parents/Guardians

This page is intended to provide you with resources to help navigate certain Google applications and use Aspen, Cranston's school information system.  All options on the left have drop-down options.  Clicking on any topic will provide you with active links for videos, documents, and/or presentations.
TalkingPoints' (TP) two-way multilingual communication platform allows teachers and families to stay connected 24/7 through the ease of text messaging. 
Some benefits include:
1. Families using the app have access to the same "Help me Understand" feature that is in the TalkingPoints for Teachers platform.
2.  In an effort to make information accessible to all families regardless of literacy barriers, the app is also equipped with text-to-speech, and soon, speech-to-text capabilities. 
3.  The TalkingPoints Ed 101 feature defines identified educational terms families are unlikely to know in case they are sent in a message.
4.  Families accessing their messages on the TalkingPoints for Families app have a much clearer view of classes and teachers, so this is the ideal experience for families with multiple children in classes using the platform.
Click the button below to learn more.
* Aspen (click here for login page) is Cranston's school information system which houses and manages student data - grades, attendance, academics, and much more.
* If you are unsure of your login/password information, click "request an account" or "reset password."  Both can be found on the Aspen homepage (link above).  If neither works, please contact your child's school for additional assistance.
You can find video and/or written tutorials on how to use Aspen below.  All video tutorials can be found in a YouTube playlist.  Subtitles can be translated into multiple languages by clicking the settings icon (gear button) found at the bottom right of the video.  Click subtitles/CC, then click auto translate and choose the intended language.
Click here for video tutorial
1.  Go to App store (iPhone users) or Google Play Store (Android users)
2.  Search for Cranston Public Schools
3.  Add app and open it
4.  Click "allow" if you wish to receive notifications 
4.  If it is your first time, click "setup to select schools" (or you can do it later)
5.  Select the schools your child (children) attend by clicking the radio button
click here for video tutorial or click here for written steps/pictures
1.  Go to and click Aspen (bottom left corner)
2.  Add your login ID and password (if you do not know your login information, contact your child's school
3.  Once logged in successfully, click Family (top left)
4.  In the bottom left corner, click Notification
5.  Check any box to subscribe and receive notifications for attendance, conduct, or *grade entries.
*You must determine a number (or grade) for a grade notification.  Any entry below that number (or grade) will trigger an email notification.
click here for video tutorial or click here for written steps/pictures
1.  On a web browser (like Google), search for Cranston Public Schools (
2.  Once there, Click "Aspen" in the bottom left corner
3.  Add your login ID and password (if you do not know your login information, contact your child's school
4.  Once logged in successfully, scroll to the bottom left of the main page
5.  Under "Published Reports", you will see progress reports or report cards 
6.  Click on that file to view or print