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Cranston School Counseling Department
Our mission as school counselors is to provide a comprehensive guidance program that will assist all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners.
This mission will be achieved through a partnership of empowered students, educators, parents or guardians, and the community responsible for the learning process. The program's ultimate goal is for students to graduate with the competencies necessary to be able to make self-directed, realistic, and responsible decisions and to be successful contributors to society.
College and Career Ready
CPS school counselors help students become college and career ready by exploring college and career opportunities; developing skills in college and career decision-making; analyzing the interrelationships of interests and abilities; understanding college and career readiness; using college and career planning tools to determine post-secondary options.
School Counselors guide student plans of study that facilitate successful student transitions between secondary and post-secondary education. The plan includes academic and career and technical content in a coordinated progression of courses.
The Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
RI Department of Education mandates every student in RI Grades 6-12 has an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Cranston uses Xello for our platform. Students learn about themselves, explore careers, and plan for the future. School counselors and teachers lead lessons in Xello during Advisory. 
School Counseling Support
Please email your child's school counselor with any questions or concerns.
Lori Velino [email protected]
Jennifer Nardelli [email protected]
Michele Tomasso [email protected] Grades 6 and 7
Lori Velino [email protected] Grade 8 
Cranston High School West Counseling/Guidance Department