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CPS School Counselor Service Highlights
  • CPS School High School Counselors strive to empower students to become productive individuals through a developmentally age-appropriate program of services empowering students to become independent, productive individuals who maximize their full potential.
  • School Counseling services are aligned to the American School Counseling Association National Model & the ASCA Mindset & Behaviors for Student Success and focus on academic, persona/social, and college/career development and goals.
  • Support the whole adolescent by assisting students in educational planning by setting reflecting, and reaching goals, developing a positive attitude toward learning; understanding learning styles; developing an education plan; providing academic advising; improving study and test-taking skills; recognizing and utilizing academic strengths.
  • Helping students to grow personally and socially in developing self-knowledge; making effective decisions; developing relationship skills; making healthy choices; resolving conflicts.
College and Career Ready
  • CPS school counselors help students become college and career ready by assisting students to become college and career ready by exploring college and career opportunities; developing skills in college and career decision-making; analyzing the interrelationships of interests and abilities; understanding college and career readiness; using college and career planning tools to determine post-secondary options.
  • School Counselors guide student plans of study that facilitate successful student transitions between secondary and post-secondary education. The plan includes academic and career and technical content in a coordinated progression of courses.
School services are delivered through:
  • Direct Student Services include instruction, appraisal & advisement, counseling- individual and group.
  • Indirect Student Services include consultation, collaboration,& referrals.
The Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
  • The ILP  is a student-directed planning and monitoring tool that customizes various learning opportunities throughout the students’ experience, broadens their perspectives, and supports the attainment of goals.
  • Beginning in the sixth grade, CPS students start using Naviance to explore their interests and think about their future.
  • The ILP belongs to the student and reflects their academic path/journey, personal/social growth, and college/career goals.
  • The ILP assists students to identify and meet their goals in three domains: academic, personal/social, and college/career.
1.  Be involved.
2.  Communicate with your adolescent regularly about the ILP process.
3.  Encourage home-to-school communication as needed to ensure student success.
4.  Spend time with your adolescent reviewing and utilizing the College Career Readiness components of Naviance exploring your adolescent's interests, strengths, Individual Learning Plan Goals, learning style inventory, personality survey, career interest inventories, career exploration, and post-secondary plans.
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