Curriculum Miscellaneous » Grade 6 Modern United States History

Grade 6 Modern United States History

People and Industry of the North: Technology in Industry and Farming; Growth of Cities

People and the Southern Cotton Kingdom: Industry; Agriculture; Lives of Enslaved People; Cities

Abolitionists: The Movement; African -American Abolitionists; Underground Railroad; Reaction

Quest for Compromise: Political Conflict over Slavery; Kansas-Nebraska Act

Challenges to Slavery: Republican Party; Dred Scott Case; Lincoln and Douglas

Secession and War: 1860 Election; Fort Sumter

Two Sides: Border States; Confederate and Union Strategies; Americans v. Americans

Early War Years: Land/Sea; Eastern States; Emancipation Proclamation; Political and Economic Change

Strain of War: Southern Victories; African-Americans in the War; Turning Points of War

Final Stages of War: Union Closing In; Election of 1864; Ramifications of War
Quarter 1 Content and Writing Assessments, Required Research
Radicals in Control: Protecting Freedmen’s Rights; 14th & 15th Amendments
South during Reconstruction: Republicans in Charge; Carpetbaggers/Scalawags; Resistance;
Education and Farming

Post Reconstruction Era: Divided Society; Jim Crow Laws; Reconstruction’s Impact

Railroads: Growth and the Economy

Workers: Industrial Workforce; Growth of Labor Unions

New Immigrants: Flood of Immigrants; Immigrant Experience

Move to the Cities: Rise of Cities; Problems in the Cities

Women and Progressives: Women’s Movement; New Roles for Women; Voting; Social Reform

Presidents of the Progressive Era: Theodore Roosevelt; William Howard Taft; Woodrow Wilson
Quarter 2 Content and Writing Assessment, Required Research
Seeking New Frontiers: Changing Foreign Policy; Age of Imperialism

Imperialism in the Pacific: Hawaii; Open Door to China; Japanese Relations

War in Europe (WWI): Troubles in Europe; World War Begins

America’s Road to War: American Neutrality and its End

Americans Join the Allies: Supplying Allies; War Ends

The War at Home: Mobilizing the Nation; Public Opinion

Search for Peace: Making Peace; Opposition at Home

The Great Depression: Stock Market Mania; Depression Begins; Hoover’s Reaction

The New Deal: Franklin Roosevelt

Living Through the Depression: Hard Times; Minorities; Entertainment
Effects of the New Deal: New Deal Draws Fire; Roosevelt’s Second New Deal; Roosevelt and the
Supreme Court
Quarter 3 Content and Writing Assessments, Required Research
War Clouds: Rise of Dictatorships; Germany’s Action

World War II Begins: War in Europe; US and the War; Japan

Home Front: US Prepares/Goes to War

War in Europe: Nazi Threat; Allies’ Control; Holocaust

War in the Pacific: Pacific Front; Atomic Bomb/End of War

Kennedy’s Foreign Policy: Cold War Crisis; Cuban Missile Crisis

Vietnam War: Beginnings/Growth

Vietnam Years at Home: Youth Protest; 1968, Year of Crisis

Vietnam and the Nixon Years: Protest Continues; Peace and Effect of War

Nixon and Watergate: Domestic Policies; Second Term-Scandal; Nation Heals

Global War on Terror: Day That Changed the Nation; Second Bush Term

21st Century Challenges: Global Economy; Future
Quarter 4 Content and Writing Assessments, Required Research
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The students' grades are weighted as follows:
Tests, quizzes, projects & Quarterly Assessments ................................ 80%
Classwork and homework............................................................... 20%
A. Communication Skills
1. # 3. Informational Writing
2. #4. Speaking and Listening (with student presentation using district rubric)
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