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Library Department Overview

Cranston School Libraries

Each school library has a LibGuide, otherwise known as a library website, which provides digital resources for our students, staff, and community.  The LibGuide is a one-stop site with links to the library’s catalog of books, the ebook resources, and research databases.  Librarians support classroom research projects with LibGuide pages for each classroom specific to the research project.  The link to each school's LibGuide is listed to the right.

Library Standards & Curriculum

Cranston School Librarians follow the AASL School Library Standards. These standards encourage students to think, create, share and grow. The standards are supported by RIDE. The School Librarians of RI (SLRI) created an associated curriculum guide which serves as guidance for district librarians as they create lessons to support the standards.  School librarians also support many ISTE standards per the ISTE AASL Standards Crosswalk.