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Resources to Support Parents and Guardians

Welcome!  This page is intended to provide you with resources to help navigate certain Google applications and use Aspen, Cranston's school information system.  All options on the left have drop-down options.  Clicking on any topic will provide you with active links for videos, documents, and/or presentations.
Presently, we are engaged in creating new, updated tutorials which will be available by the start of school in September.  If you are looking for anything specific, please click here to complete a short form.

A few things to keep in mind:


* Google Classroom is not set up for parents to join - only students and teachers.


* Students can submit their work directly through Google Classroom, and teachers can provide feedback, assign grades, and return work.  All your child's work stays organized and is conveniently stored on Google Drive.
* There are free Google Classroom applications for all devices - Android and iOS.  However, you must sign in with your child's Cranston Gmail account to view any activity.


* Aspen (click here for login page) is Cranston's school information system which houses and manages student data - grades, attendance, academics, and much more.
* If you are unsure of your login/password information, click "request an account" or "reset password."  Both can be found on the Aspen homepage (link above).  If neither works, please contact your child's school for additional assistance.