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Daycare Bus Request

We are now accepting online daycare transportation requests

for the 2019-20 school year.

Parents can submit a daycare request by filling out this form,  

Submitting the request does not mean that transportation will be granted.

The transportation department will email the parent with an approval/denial.

The decision is based on first-come bus space availability.




Since many Cranston Public School families use before and after school daycare facilities for their children’s supervision, we recognize the need to assist in transporting the children to and from these facilities.  As a result, there are businesses which provide their own transportation for students, as well as those who rely on CPS to transport students.  The school committee for CPS has approved a plan that will continue busing students through our transportation department  to facilities that are within a certain radius/route of the child’s school.


We will provide this service when space is available on our buses, after all students who require transportation to and from their bus stops is established.  We will review this plan yearly for necessary adjustments based on population and cost factors.


Other than licensed daycares (as identified below), we will only provide transportation for students who qualify for such, according to CPS policy.  There will be no “special” bus passes that allow children go to parents’ place of work, relative’s or babysitter’s home, etc., beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.


Cranston Public Schools Buses will transport to and from the following daycares, space permitting. Included in this list are onsite programs available to parents.


Arlington                       Kid’s Kingdom on site

Eden Park                     Little Bears, (YMCA on site)

Edgewood                     YMCA on site, Henderson, Carriage House

Gladstone                      Kid’s Kingdom

Glen Hills                       Miss Lee Ann’s, Gingerbread

Oaklawn                        Candy Cane, Pumpkin Patch, Western Cranston Learning Center

Orchard Farms              Candy Cane, Pumpkin Patch, Western Cranston Learning Center

Peters                            Children’s Village, Gingerbread, YMCA on site

Rhodes                          Edgewood Highland YMCA, Carriage House, Henderson

Stadium                         YMCA, Kid’s Kingdom

Stone Hill                       YMCA at Peter’s, Pumpkin Patch

Waterman                      YMCA at Eden Park (Y to transport - please contact Y directly)

Woodridge                     Gingerbread, Miss Lee Ann’s


In addition, several day care programs provide transportation to and from most of our elementary schools.

The deadline for requests is August 1, 2019.