Superintendent's Message


change is good

August 2022


Life is full of changes around every corner and through every season. If we've learned anything during these COVID years when changes happened (sometimes) daily, we’ve learned to be flexible and ready for anything. Luckily, we seem to be beyond that time of day-to-day, minute-to-minute change, but that doesn't mean we aren't constantly evaluating and reassessing, and making changes.

We have lots of changes taking place in our facilities right now too, with our school building construction projects in full swing. We have work going on at Cranston High School East, Cranston High School West, Eden Park Elementary School and Garden City Elementary School. Gladstone Elementary School is currently in the design phase. We are so proud of all of the teams working hard to keep these projects moving along, as the current situation in procuring supplies is a difficult one. We are mandated by the RI Department of Education to stay on track, finishing all five of our major projects by the end of the five year timeline provided, and we are in fact, on track to do so. We are grateful for everyone’s teamwork, and we hope you’ll take the time to visit our building projects website and take a look at all of the work we have going on. You can access that site right on the front page of our website or by downloading the Cranston Public Schools new mobile app.


As you may know, we have a lot of faces in new places this year, and we are very excited about the changes we’ve made. This will lead to new connections, new collaborative efforts, and new experiences. Our hope is that you will welcome all of the new faces, as well as the familiar faces who are in new places this year, and be ready to embrace change and all of the good things we have going on here in Cranston Public Schools. We are a big district, but we are one Cranston and we are proud of all of the good work that we do. Our building administrators lead our teams of educators in our district mission on a daily basis and we are excited for a new year to begin. 

Below you will find a listing of our schools and the leadership teams that will be in place there. During a time when school administrators are hard to find, we are thankful to have such a strong team of leaders and staff here in Cranston. We wish everyone a great start to the school year, and a good year ahead.

Jeannine Nota-Masse
Superintendent, Cranston Public Schools

Who’s Who in Cranston Public Schools

Building Administration


Cranston High School East Principal: Thomas Barbieri

Assistant Principals: Kaitlin Hitchings, Isa Tejada, Paul DePalma, Kristin Ward, Jodi Kopecky

Cranston High School West Principal: John Fontaine
Assistant Principals: David Schiappa, Brian Flinn, Sandi Matoian-Heard, Lauren Fagundes

Cranston Area Career and Technical Center (CACTC) Director/Assistant Principal: Kenneth Hopkins Jr.

New England Laborers/Cranston Public Schools Construction Career Academy Director: Ramon Torres

Assistant Principals: Chris D’Ambrosio, Lindsey Tavares

Hugh B. Bain Middle School Principal: Keith Croft

Assistant Principals: Heidy Bautista, Sean Durrigan, Mike Walsh

Park View Middle School Principal: Alex Kanelos

Assistant Principals: Kerrilyn Reagan, Ryan Kavanaugh 

Hope Highlands Middle School Principal: Christopher Coleman

Assistant Principal: Karen MacBeth

Western Hills Middle School Principal: Tim Vesey

Assistant Principals: Cindy Grady, Derek Gustafson

Arlington Elementary School Principal: Patricia Caporelli

William Dutemple Elementary Principal: Nicholas Ruggieri

Early Childhood Center Director: Charlene Barbieri

Eden Park Elementary Principal: Courtney Sevigny 

Edgewood Highland Elementary Principal: Joseph Rotz

Garden City Elementary Principal: Bryan Byerlee
Assistant Principal: Ashley Cardarelli

Gladstone Street Elementary Principal: Amy Vachon

Assistant Principal: Amy Corso-Latos

Glen Hills Elementary Principal: Beth Basile-Daggett


Oak Lawn Elementary Principal: James Zanfini

Orchard Farms Elementary Principal: Cheri Sacco

Assistant Principal: Ed Myszak

George J. Peters Principal: Katrina Pillay

Edward S. Rhodes Principal: Gina Armstrong

Stadium Elementary Principal: Erica DiPietro

Stone Hill Elementary Principal: Tricia Rotondo

Daniel Waterman Elementary Principal: Bryan Byerlee
Assistant Principal: Ashley Cardarelli


Woodridge Elementary Principal: Marisa Jackson

Alternate Education Program

Director: Kate Marks

Sanders/Cranston Transition Program

Director: Cindy Houston

District Administration

Superintendent of Schools: Jeannine Nota-Masse

Assistant Superintendent of Schools: Norma Cole

Chief Financial Officer: Joseph Balducci  

Chief Human Resource Officer: Michael Crudale

Executive Director of Pupil Personnel Services: Michele Simpson

Executive Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Grants: Roxanne Gustafson

Executive Director of Secondary Programs: Zachary Farrell

Chief Technology Officer: Donna-Marie Frappier

Chief of Facilities Management and Capital Projects: Ed Collins

Special Education Administrators: Ann Bouchard, Cheryl Mercurio, Lisa Abbott

Director of Transportation: Robert Fitzgerald

Transportation Supervisor: Catherine Perez

Director of SIS/Data Management: Kim Magnelli

Director of Multi Language Learners: Cheryl Anderson

Strategic Planning/Accountability Officer: Sean Kelly

Communications Specialist: Jennifer Cowart