Pest Control Schedule


September 2014


To:  Parents and Staff


Re:  CRANSTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS POLICY # 02-8-26 – Integrated Pest Management


The Cranston Public Schools recognizes the importance of Integrated Pest Management by taking an environmentally sensitive approach for preventative as well as responsive practices.


Therefore, it is the policy of the Cranston Public Schools to recognize and treat a potential pest problem with the least amount of chemicals and eliminating the source as part of our in-house program as well as treatments by our licensed pest contractor. All applications are performed after school hours.


In compliance to the State of Rhode Island General Laws 23-25-37, the purpose of this communication is to inform parents, staff, and others of our continuing efforts towards the health and safety of all in regards to Pest Control Management along with the schedule for applications in the food service areas of our school buildings.


A copy of the school “Integrated Pest Management Policy” and the Material Safety Data Sheets for products used may be found in each school office and at the Office of Plant Operations located at 845 Park Avenue.


If you have any questions please contact Joel Zisserson, Director of Plant Operations at 270-8191.


The following are the dates for 2014-2015 school year for treatment to the food service and consumer science areas.


SCHOOLS                    SCHOOLS                    SCHOOLS                    SCHOOLS

Cranston East              Cranston West              Park View                     Early Childhood Learning Ctr. (Sprague Ave.)

Hugh B. Bain                 Orchard Farms            Barrows                        Eden Park

Gladstone                     CCATC                        Dutemple                      Waterman

Stadium                        Western Hills               Edgewood Highland      Arlington

Horton                          Hope Highlands           Norwood (Sanders)       Stone Hill

Fletcher                        Oak Lawn                     Rhodes                         Woodridge

Briggs Adm.                 Peters                                                                   Charter

Garden City                  Glen Hills                     




July 24                          July 24                          July 30                          July 30

August 22                     August 22                     August 26                     August 26

September 19               September 19               September 25               September 25

October 24                    October 24                    October 30                    October 30

November 20                November 20                November 21                November 21

December 26                December 26                December 31                December 31

January 23                    January 23                    January 24                    January 24

February  18                  February 18                   February 19                   February 19

March 21                       March 21                       March 22                       March 22

April 25                         April 25                         April 26                         April 26

May 23                         May 23                         May 24                         May 24

June 27                         June 27                         June 28                         June 28


EXTRA SERVICE DATES – 2ND Wednesday of Every Month

  Cranston East, Cranston West, Park View, Edgewood, Gladstone, Peters, and Eden Park         


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