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Travels with the Superintendent …

On Friday, October 24th, I had the pleasure of attending the following events across the city(see below). It was wonderful to see the parents and their children having such a good time.

  Thank you to all of the parent teacher organizations for organizing and funding these events. I loved seeing all of the teachers who participated as well as the administrators who help facilitate these events.

I started the evening at the Stadium as CHSW had homecoming and football game. I visited with alumni at a special tent. It was nice to talk with these folks that support our students!

Then I stopped in at CHSE where Dutemple was having a party. The students were dancing and laughing and had the best costumes. Check out the picture of the youngster with a ‘zipper on his face’.

Next at Park View Middle School, the disco ball was spinning and the music was really loud- at least to my ears- but all were having a good time.

After Park View, I moved on to Waterman where I strolled through a walkway of carved pumpkins created by parents and their children that were so creative and just fun to view.

A few blocks away, I dropped in at Eden Park where the cafeteria was rocking with music and I even saw the principal line dancing. Pictures were being taken so take a look at the youngster who has two heads.

Then it was on to Peters. When I got out of the car, I heard the clip clop of horses and here comes a hay wagon filled with students and families.  Inside the school, folks were playing games or eating lots of good food.

Later I stopped in at Woodridge, where their festivities were held in the ‘spooky cafeteria’ at Western Hills.

Finally, my last stop was at CHW where the Orchard Farms PTO sponsored a great party. Students were doing the limbo and the twist.

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