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Superintendent's Message

It’s hard to believe we have completed the first quarter of school and Thanksgiving and the holiday season is on our doorstep.  Happy Thanksgiving to Cranston’s families, students, educators, and community members!


Thanksgiving is a unique American holiday. It’s a time to join family and friends and to give thanks for all that we enjoy together as we prepare special meals where we sit at the table and reminisce; watch parades and football games; meet up at the Cranston stadium for the annual East West game; start our holiday shopping and reconnect with family and friends.

It is also a time for me to sit back and reflect about the things I am thankful for in my role as an educator. I am thankful to work with:

-  Educators for your commitment to your students, families and your fellow teachers and staff.  Your talent, your passion and your dedication is noted and appreciated.

-  Support staff who every day provide services that are vital to our students, families  and educators as they transport our students, provide breakfast and lunch, maintain our buildings, order supplies and materials, and manage numerous administrative responsibilities.  Your hard work and cheerful dispositions are greatly appreciated and valued.

-  Students your hard work and effort, your enthusiasm, creativity and energy are wonderful. Your outreach to the community and to the service of others is noticed and so very important.

-  Parents and families for their willingness to work and volunteer as they contribute their time and talents, enriching our schools.  I wish to acknowledge your thoughtful comments, suggestions and your time.  

-  School committee members who give astonishing amounts of time, and energy to ensure our school system works for all our students, families, educators and staff. My warm wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

-  Community partners  and stakeholders who in many different ways keep moving things forward for our students by providing mentors and after school programming, ensuring  safety, providing resources, and supporting the schools. I am grateful for your partnership with the district.  

-  Elected officials who have supported and assisted the school system throughout the year with legislation that backs our educators, champions our students and promotes our needs.  I am appreciative of your efforts on Cranston Public Schools’ behalf.

-  For my family who has always supported my work as a teacher, principal and central office administrator.  

My hope is that your family and you will have a safe, healthy and memorable Thanksgiving.

Take care and Happy Thanksgiving to you! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday, December 1st.

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