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Last week, at the School Committee work session, I presented the results of the calendar survey which was conducted last fall.  Last fall, the survey was posted for several weeks on the Cranston Public schools website.

Below is a summary of the data. If you would like to see the actual graphs and data please go to:

Calendar Survey

Here are the eight survey questions and a summary of the responses in italics:

1.       Chose one of the following answers that best describe you.

78% of the respondents were parents and teachers. There were 2,014 participants.


2.       Are you in favor of continuing the model of the current school calendar?

26% of participants strongly agreed, 25% agreed, 22% disagreed and 16% strongly disagreed. 10.5% had no opinion. There were 1,959 total responses.


3.       Would you support the following action if the school year ended earlier in June- eliminate the one week February break?

41% agreed and 59% disagreed. There were 1, 958 responses.


4.       Would you support the following action if the school year ended earlier in June-Having a one week March break and eliminate the February and Aril recess period?

39% agreed and 61% disagreed. There were 1,940 responses.


5.       School should start the Tuesday before Labor Day

34% agreed and 66% disagreed. There were 1, 884 responses.


6.       School should start the Tuesday following Labor Day

69% agreed and 31% disagreed. There were 1,906 responses.


7.       Do you have any additional comments on the school calendar that you would like to provide?

Each of the above seven questions had a comment box where participants could give further input.  Below is a summary of those responses. A word of caution when looking at this data as there was no way to ascertain if the same response was written several times and therefore some of these responses may be inflated.  However, it is my opinion, that there are some trends that should be noted and taken into consideration when discussing future school calendars.

·         Do not  omit Good Friday or the Jewish holidays- 69 responses

·         Leave the calendar as is with the religious holidays included- 25 responses

·         Start school the day after Labor Day-22 responses

·         Combine the February and the April vacation into a March vacation (5 respondents suggested a 2 week vacation in March)-16 responses

·         All districts should follow the same calendar-10 responses

·         Shorten the Feb vacation to a four day weekend-10 responses

·         Keep the April vacation and eliminate the Feb vacation-7 responses

·         Keep the Feb vacation and eliminate the April vacation-6 responses

·         Have less vacation-3 responses

·         Students need breaks-4 responses

·         Have longer school year-1 response

·         Shorten the Christmas break-1 response

·         Give a two week Christmas vacation-1 response

·         Have school year round-1 response


8.       Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey. We appreciate your input, it is important to us.

This was the last entry. Many participants skipped this comment box or simply wrote ‘thank you’.

The 2015-2016 calendar will be on the agenda for discussion for the Wednesday, April 8 School Committee work session.  The calendar will be further discussed and voted on in public session on Monday, April 13th at the School Committee meeting at Western Hills Middle School.

2014-2015 Cranston School Calendar

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