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Last week I listed several dates for upcoming meetings. Please see below and please note the change of date for the Cranston High School East open house.

High School Open Houses

Class of 2019- Calling all Students and Parents

It may be months away before the Class of 2019 walks down the hallways of Cranston High School East, Cranston High School West or the Construction and Career Academy but it is time for the Class of 2019 and their parents to join our teachers and administrative teams at one of these high schools for a welcoming OPEN HOUSE. There will be tours, parent meetings, information about the academic programs, and extracurricular activities including sports and clubs, and the arts.  Each school will share with you the graduation requirements that all students are responsible for during their high school career. This is an opportunity for you to learn about all of the aspects of high school life. For some of you who have had students at one of our three high schools, some of this will be ‘old news’ but I can even assure you there  will be updated information on the high school graduation requirements. For the first timers, I can assure you that these meetings will set the framework for you for the next four years. Please make every attempt to attend and bring your student with you.

Cranston High School West will host a Future Falcon Open House on Sunday afternoon, January 25th  from 12pm-2 pm . Please report to the auditorium. Mr. Barbieri tells me that there will be a special presentation by the drama club. Having attended many of their performances, you do not want to miss these talented students and their teachers.  For more information please go to

Cranston High School East will host “Go ‘Bolts” Open House on Wednesday evening, February 4th at 7:00 p.m. for a school tour. Please report to the auditorium at 7 pm for a meeting with Mr. Kelly.  Earlier that day, the administration will meet with all Park View and Bain 8th grade students to explain the course selection process. Please bring this sheet with you to this open house. For more information please go to

And, yes, as part of the Cranston Public School system we have a charter school- the Construction and Career Academy. They are hosting an Open house on  Wednesday, January 28, at 6:00 p.m. Any student may attend who is interested in a world of work and/or construction pathway.  Be sure to check out this exciting opportunity for your son or daughter.  For more information please go to

District Strategic Plan update

The guiding document for the district with goals and strategies is outlined in the Districts’ Strategic Plan. Each year, in July and January, the community is provided an update as to the status and progress of each of the five goals and the specific action steps. The each of the five goals have several action steps which have indicators or measures of success, the anticipated completion date for the action step, the persons responsible for providing leadership and direction and projected funding costs, if any.  Throughout the year, the Superintendent meets regularly with the administration to ascertain the progress and the challenges for each of the action steps.

I have met with all of the central office administration in the past two weeks.  The district with the support of the teachers, principals, parents and supportive community members is moving forward. I anticipate that each of the action steps will be accomplished by June, 2019. The June, 2019 date sounds far off but in reality it is not.  Each month we need to make those small steps that keep us on track to accomplishing the five goals.

Each goal is listed below with an executive summary for your review.  Attached is the district strategic plan with greater detail for your review.  Of course, if you have further questions, please email me and I will respond in this column so that all the stakeholders can review the response.  Remember if you have a question, someone else has the question, too. In the near future, once the budget is adopted, a work session of the School Committee will also review and give input on the plan. The date will be posted as soon as the information becomes available.

Goal One focuses on the student, “Ensuring success for every student”.

·         There are 25 action steps for this goal and there is ongoing progress on each action step.

·         Notable since the July report are the following actions steps:

o   Pilot of school improvement plans has been completed and reviewed. Roll out to all schools will occur this spring.

o   Curriculum development aligned to 21st century learning skills is making great progress.

o   Committee has been formed to develop curriculum for all day kindergarten program.

o   Professional development topics and practices have been aligned to the district strategic plan and school improvement plans.

o   Work continues on a district comprehensive assessment plan.

o   Making progress on early learning development standards to align to preschool programming.

o   An advisory technology group has been established and is meeting regularly.

·         Communication with all stakeholders continues to be a challenge.

o   Successful implementation of the parent portal and the utilization of robo calls have commenced.

o   A committee has been formed to explore the use of social media. Research on this topic has revealed that we need a social media policy and we are examining this topic.

Goal Two focuses on the community, “Build productive partnerships for education”.

·         There are 9 action steps and significant progress has been made on three action steps.

·         Extended learning opportunities are actively being sought out including a planning grant. 

·         All policies have been reviewed and revised as appropriate.

·         The district strategic plan with regular monitoring and reporting to the community has been implemented.

·         The district scorecard with a variety of data points is in progress and it is anticipated to be posted on this website by June, 2015.

Goal Three focuses on the staff, “Promote a positive culture”.

·         There are 8 action steps and there has been progress made for each step.

·         Utilizing ASPEN, a software tracking program, has allowed the district to track professional development, collect feedback and better align the needs of educators with professional development opportunities.

·         A committee has been formed of kindergarten teachers with administrators to study and develop professional development for kindergarten teachers so they are prepared to implement all-day kindergarten.

·         Blended learning is being examined and researched.

Goal Four focuses on school environment and safety, “Create a safe and healthy learning environment for all”.

·         There are 8 action steps and there has been progress made on each of the action steps.

·         Setting social and emotional expectations has been addressed at each building through the Positive Behavioral, Interventions and Support system (PBIS) in each school.  A universal screening tool has been identified and is being utilized. 

·         Wellness initiatives continue to be implemented.

·         Safety plans have been reviewed, implemented and safety improvements are being addressed at each building and will continue to be made.

·         Personalization for students takes many forms and the staff is continuing to search for ways to improve and develop programs that meets the needs of each student.

Goal five focuses on the finances, “Manage fiscal resources efficiently and effectively.”

·         There are 15 action steps and seven of these have been accomplished. 

·         Technology goals have been met in regards to bandwidth, maximizing the infrastructure, managing funding to provide laptops and expanded bandwidth.

·         The budget has been aligned to meet the requirements of the RIDE – and is known as the United Chart of Accounts (UCOA) - there are 11,433 expenditure accounts for this district.

·         We continue to work on a plan to address all day kindergarten space needs, develop a 5 year plan to support the introduction of one to one devices for grades 4-12.

·         In the next few weeks, the capital facilities Improvement plan will be available and will identify annual and major improvements.  

2014-2015 Cranston School Calendar

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