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Last week at the School Committee Work Session, I presented an update on the District Strategic Plan (DSP). 

We have completed year one. When the District Strategic Plan was agreed to by the School Committee, it was also agreed to report out to the community on a semi-annual basis, in the form of a report.  As the summer progresses, I will be posting more information about what we have accomplished in regards to the DSP, the challenges the school district is facing and goals that require further planning, monitoring and implementation issues.  It is my plan to discuss the progress by highlighting one goal each week and sharing information and progress on specific strategies as outlined in the DSP on this website.  Since the five goals have several strategies, I will discuss specific strategies each week, so please check back each week during the summer. If you have questions, please email my office so I can respond publicly.  If you have a question, someone else is sure to be thinking in a similar manner. So please ask.

At the School Committee meeting on Monday evening, two policies were listed on the agenda. Both policies are required in order to make progress on Goal 5.

Goal 5 is focused on   “managing fiscal resources efficiently and effectively”.

This goal has the following strategies:


Implementation of All Day K

















Comprehensive evaluation of enrollment data














Implementation of a process in which information will be used to guide budget decisions for course offering, etc


Increase bandwidth



















Study for integration of technology services with city side












Establish of technology subcommittee for solving technology issues










Implementation of UCOA

















Replacement of devices and server cycle















Cost and effectiveness of purchased software














Implementation of comprehensive plan to consolidate "head-end" facility and servers






Implementation of comprehensive plan for supporting 1:1 devises










Implementation of capital facilities improvement plan













Strategy 5.4 is to increase bandwidth across the district We have made substantial progress on making sure all of our buildings have increased broadband capacity in order to facilitate the usage of multiple devices to enhance and to facilitate learning. In fact, by the time school opens in August, every building will have increased bandwidth.  As part of this initiative, the Acceptable Use Policy has been revised and a new policy on students bringing their own devices (BYOD) had its first reading at the School Committee meeting on Monday evening. These policies are essential as we work to use technology to focus on 21st century learning.  You may recall that for each of the five goals, one of the strategies is to revise all policies in order to accurately reflect the current practices.  Many of the policies are out of date or need revision since they were adopted many years ago.  The School Committee has been diligent in working to review all of the policies. 

Strategy 5.6 is to establish a Technology Subcommittee for solving technology issues. The committee has been established and teachers and administrators are working together. The Acceptable Use Policy and the Bring your Own Device Policy are the result of this committee’s work. 

Strategies 5.11, 5.12 and 5.13 have been accomplished. Thank you to Ms. Frappier, our technology coordinator and the technicians for their diligence and skills to replace servers.

Please check back each week for more information regarding the DSP.  Next week, I’ll be highlighting the other strategies for this goal. 

Have a safe weekend.

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