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Remember all those days school didn’t open for several reasons.  The School Committee and I applied for waivers from the RI Department of Education. 

 By law students are required to attend school for 180 days.  This week we were notified regarding our requests:

The Rhode Island Department of Education has approved the following waivers:

·         The waiver request for one day due to the blizzard- districtwide

·         The waiver request for one day for the electrical issue at Cranston High School West

·         The waiver request for one day for the roof issue at Orchard Farms


The waiver request for one day for Good Friday for Western Hills was denied by the Rhode Island Department of Education.  

Therefore, the last day of school will be Wednesday, June 17th for all schools with the exception of Western Hills Middle School. Western Hills Middle school’s last day will be June 18th.”

Central Registration is getting a “facelift”!


Starting in just a few days, Cranston Public School’s Central Registration Office will be providing some new and innovative changes to the way new-to-district students register for school.


One of the biggest changes is that, for the first time, parents will be able to fill out the registration packet online! With the click of a button, a questionnaire will open up and the parent will be able to simply answer questions on a Google form. After completing the last question, there will be a “Submit” button. When you click “Submit”, an email is automatically sent to the parent with the registration packet as an attachment. Parents can then print out the forms, sign and notarize as appropriate, and bring the packet to their registration appointment.


Another new practice is that we will no longer be making copies of paperwork. All required documents will be scanned and uploaded to our student information system. This process will cut down on paper usage, and also allows the building principal and staff to access student documents without having to wait for paper copies to be transported to the schools.


We are upgrading our customer service practices at central registration, too. We have created a registration center, with four computer stations.  Here, parents can fill out the online registration form (if they didn’t do so from home), get their family logins to the Aspen family portal, and watch tutorials on how to login, update contact information, and fill out emergency care cards in Aspen. We will also have staff available to demonstrate and assist parents in these processes!

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